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Raspberry and Spekulatius Tiramisu

Warning: This recipe contains raw eggs so please stay away from it if you are pregnant or have allergies. 

Spekulatius biscuits are thin, crunchy biscuits with what tastes like mixed spice in them. In addition, if you look on their underside, they have a thin layer of slivered almonds stuck to them. Overall, it is a very tasty biscuit for tea-dipping, for the recipe below or on its own.

This second recipe for Tiramisu is one I learnt from my French housemate who makes some rather delectable desserts. She said that it was a hand-me-down recipe too so I have no proper quotable source for it I’m afraid.


3 eggs, separated

5+2 tablespoons sugar

200 gms mascarpone

300 gms raspberries (fresh or thawed from frozen)

1 big packet (>=400 gms) or two small packets (200 gms) of Spekulatius biscuits (see images below)

(I’ve usually sourced this from Aldi or the international foods aisle in the supermarket. If you are in Germany or its surrounds, this won’t be a problem at all. Again, I cannot recommend a suitable substitute but perhaps ginger/almond thins?)

1 pack of mini-meringues/ mini amaretti  (optional)

Biscuits used for the base of the tiramisu (Images from : and Aldi)



Steps 1-4 are the same as the Basic Tiramisu version

5. Crumble the spekulatius in your hands (bite size chunks) and spread them on the base of your assembly dish. be generous with the biscuits as they form your base and hold the dish together.

6. Spread the raspberries over this layer to cover the biscuits entirely.

7. Sprinkle the sugar over the raspberries so they will ooze  and their wonderful juices will coat the biscuit layer making it soft ( I think the chef’s term for it is ‘macerate’ ).

8. Now pour half the creamy mixture prepared in Steps 1-4 to cover the raspberry+biscuit layer.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 to make the second layer.

10. To finish off dot the top of the tiramisu with mini-meringues (only if you like meringues) or mini amaretti.

11. Once again, refrigerate overnight before serving. This dish tastes better on Day 2 as the biscuit has completely soaked up the raspberry juice and almost tastes like a layer of cake.
12. Serve with more fresh raspberries if you/your guests like them.

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