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Chocolate and raspberry moelleux or lava cake


Source: François-Xavier

Upturned moelleux


This is the most decadent, delicious and chocolatey thing I make in my kitchen. It has been voted best dessert ever by my partner.

The proportion of ingredients is perfect. If you halve the recipe, you’ll get exactly 6 muffin sized moelleux; if you take 1/6th you’ll get 2 muffin sized moelleux and so on.

The pictures on François’ page are amazing and mine barely do justice but I have some work-arounds that I thought might be worth sharing. Don’t worry if yours don’t look as perfect as François’ – I can guarantee that they will still taste amazing.


1. I follow this recipe to a T because there’s nothing that needs changing.

2. I don’t have the ice bags that are described on the website or a fancy piping thing. My work-around for this was to use a shallow baking tray lined with baking paper. Make sure the tray is at room temperature or cooler. When you pour the choc-raspberry liquid, it is quite thick and sets very quickly. As soon as you pour it, shape it into a rectangle and ensure it is no more than 1/2 cm thick. Run a sharp knife to mark small, 2cm x 2cm squares within the rectangle. Put this in the freezer while you make the biscuit dough. When it is set, you can break the bits you need like you would any bar of chocolate.

3. I haven’t always had nice raspberry jam at home. I have substituted with strawberry jam and apricot jam and it works just the same.

4. If you pull the moelleux out a little too quickly, the cake is quite moist and will collapse (pictures shown). So rest it for 5 minutes before turning it over.

5. The cake chills/freezes and reheats quite well. Make sure not to put it in your mouth straight out of the microwave as the liquidy centre is guaranteed to burn your mouth.

6. I’ve found that if you turn the cake over soon after it comes out of the oven and is really really gooey, it feels very rich and fills me up. However, if it is cooked slightly longer and is slightly less gooey, it doesn’t feel so decadent.

7. If you find it too rich, counter-intuitively, some fresh cream breaks though the chocolate-y dessert quite nicely.

8. Every time I have made this (including Christmas), my partner and I have both had to have a lie down 🙂 !


1. Batter in the muffin pan, ready to go into the oven.

2. Moelleux are done!

3. Moelleux that spent a night in the fridge and is about to be re-heated. The inset picture shows what the same cake looked like when it first came out of the oven.

4. When I made 1/6th the recipe for Christmas in ramekins.

5. A moelleux pulled out too quickly.

6. A moelleux pulled out a minute after the one in picture 5.

Chocolate and raspberry moelleux

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