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Watermelon and kefir cooler

I didn’t know what “kefir” was until recently. When I read the ingredients of it, it sounded very much like yoghurt or buttermilk. So I thought if smoothies worked with yoghurt and buttermilk, then they should with kefir.

The word “kefir” is Turkish in origin and it refers to a fermented milk drink. The fermentation came from these things called “kefir grains” which were essentially a combination of bacteria and yeast – the good kind of course. Don’t be grossed out because the commercially available kefir is made under controlled conditions and will feature acidophilus, bifidus and other probiotics. All these are jargon for the good bacteria that reside in your gut already and help you digest many foods. Without them, we cannot survive for long. The main visible difference between yoghurt and kefir is that kefir is a lot more watery and it has more of a tang to it that yoghurt. All the same, I find it rather refreshing.

Enough biology and onto the drink. It was one of those rare summer days in England and I had some watermelon that needed eating and a tub of kefir out of curiosity. So came about the watermelon kefir cooler.


Freshly made watermelon and kefir cooler


500 gms watermelon chunks

500ml kefir

2 tablespoons of liquid honey (or more)



1. Add all the ingredients into a blender.

2. Blend into a smooth liquid.

3. Chill before serving.


Kefir and Watermelon cooler…
1. Add 500gms of watermelon to 500ml of kefir 2&4. Squirt as much honey as makes you happy 3. Use a hand blender/blender to make a smooth puree 5. Serve chilled


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