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3. Dessert: Mousse de Maracuya or Passionfruit mousse (from Ecuador)

Not 100% vegetarian as contains gelatin !!! Could be substituted with vegetarian gelatine but I couldn’t get my hands on any.

Source: Laylita’s recipe


1. I used passionfruit juice instead of passionfruit pulp/concentrate.

2. I made 2/3rds of the recipe ingredient quantities and still had about 8 mousses worth of mixture so maybe use 1/3rd of the ingredients for 4 servings. I used teacups as moulds (Picture 1 below).

3. I think I wasn’t very good at mixing the gelatin-y juice mixture with the cream and egg whites. As a result, I had two distinct layers as you can see below – the passion fruit jelly layer and then the passionfruit mousse layer below it (Pictures 2& 3).

4. Laylita has lovely step-by-step instructions on her website so do check it out.

5. Overall, the dessert was light and soft and delicious and we are still getting through extra portions (Picture 4)


Mousse de maracuya
Mousse de maracuya

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