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Helbeh or Semolina & Fenugreek cake

This word sounds a lot like the Indian word “halva” which refers to a sweet, sticky cake. Sure enough, it is a sweet, sticky, semolina cake. This was made by one of my guests who offered to help when they arrived and I was still cooking. So I shoved the recipe book in his hands and let my partner and him deal with it. My only contribution was adding sugar syrup in the end and cutting it into pieces. It was delicious. The website below has lovely pictures of the whole process. My camera’s battery died at this point in the evening so I only took a picture the next day by when we’d eaten most of it.

Recipe: Helbeh by PancakeDrama


a. We omitted the fenugreek seeds as we didn’t have the time and it tasted just fine without it.

b. I didn’t have orange flower water so I used more rosewater instead and it had a lovely flavour to it.

Semolina cake with rosewater syrup
Semolina cake with rosewater syrup

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