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Mangoes, ricotta and toast – a simple pleasure

I was born in the country that gave common mangoes their scientific name – Mangifera indica. Come the Indian summer (April-June), dad would ride off on his LML Vespa to the local mango market and come back with bags and bags of golden, juicy, sweet deliciousness. He would bring us many varieties and always experimenting with new ones. Of them all, my favourite was “Banginapalle” (pronounced: Bung-in-a-pulse-lee) – thin skinned, juicy and sweet as nectar.

My years in New Zealand exposed me to nothing but disappointment in the form of green, peppery tasting (and smelling) Peruvian mangoes. However, when I moved to the more tropically inclined Australia, my longing for real mangoes was finally satisfied. I discovered the local varietal “Kensington Pride” which reminded me of my childhood favourite and boy did I gorge myself on them. Sticky mango fingers with pulp stains on one’s tee-shirt and chin may not be a very attractive look but the happiness on such a person’s face is priceless !

On our Christmas vacation in Australia, we once again got to indulge our mango cravings and I chose to do it in a simple yet highly satisfying way. The pepper on honey trick is one I learnt from a French colleague of mine. I thought it was weird until I tried it.

Finally, this recipe captures the very first images of food that I took with my DSLR. I will be eternally proud of them.

Do give this recipe a go – especially if you have fresh mangoes and fresh ricotta available. It is definitely healthier than an English breakfast!

Simple, nutritious and mouth-watering breakfast
Simple, nutricious and mouth-watering breakfast

Ingredients  (serves 1) :

1 juicy mango – peeled and sliced into long thin slices

50 gms of fresh ricotta (I’ve never found it in England *sigh*)

25-30 gms of manuka honey, slightly melted

a pinch of freshly ground pepper

2 slices of seeded bread

New Zealand Manuka honey and Fresh ricotta cheese
New Zealand Manuka honey and Fresh ricotta cheese



1. Toast the bread to suit the level of crumbliness or brown-ness you prefer. I like it in for only 2 minutes.

2. Spread a generous amount of ricotta cheese on each slice of toasted bread.

3. Drizzle the melted manuka honey in a zig-zag pattern over the ricotta.

4. Sprinkle cracked pepper over the honey.

Ricotta on toast with a splash of honey and a crackle of black pepper
Ricotta on toast with a splash of honey and a crackle of black pepper


5. Top with as many mango slices as your heart desires.

Mangoes top off the toast
Mangoes top off the toast

6. Chomp down as quickly as you can so your partner doesn’t beat you to it!



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