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Tips & Techniques

Even the best chefs in the world makes mistakes. Since I’m far from the best, I am rather prone to mistakes but I also believe that it is from mistakes that one learns and remembers. I wll tag some of my food mishaps within this category and give you my tips to avoid them. I clearly should practice what I preach. In addition, I will use this catergory to tag recipes where I describe techniques to pip a cherry, thicken a lemon curd, dry roast spices etc.

Pesto on bread with some goat's cheese and cracked pepper

Hey Pesto!

The title was my husband’s idea so blame him for tackiness. It’s kinda cute that he has become more involved with the …

Bulgar wheat salad

Bulgur wheat salad

This salad started off being a butternut squash and couscous salad with apricots. Unfortunately, the supermarket didn’t have apricots or butternut squash …

Tempering for rasam

Tempering in action

My last two posts Tempering/Seasoning de-constructed – Part I and Tempering/Seasoning de-constructed – Part II were about the concept of “tempering” with respect to South Indian food. In …