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Thank you !

I created this page to acknowledge all the people/fellow bloggers that keep me going and inspire me to continue writing. I cannot believe that been writing since the cold December of 2011. There have been some lapses in continuity and in inspiration but rest assured that I am back and so is my blog, with the new name and location ‘’. The new blog contains all the old recipes in what I think is a much prettier package. Hope you will check it out and please let me know what you think at

And now for some more personal acknowledgements……

To my partner, now husband

He is the sweetest man ever. He is willing to try anything I put in front of us for dinner/lunch/breakfast. Every time I cook, he is so appreciative of it and is positive and encouraging even when I mess up. He is also the person who told me I should start blogging and here I am, nearly 3 years on. I would like to thank my wonderful husband for his advice in setting up this blog  and moving it to the new website. Miceinmybelly is OUR project and we are very proud of it.

To my mother-in-law

She has been my follower from the very first blog I wrote. She patiently reads everything I write about. Furthermore, she actually gives my recipes a go and tells me how it went. It is great to know that people read my blog but really really good to know that some of these recipes are being made in other kitchens and feeding more happy bellies.

To my father-in-law

He has been my photography guru since I first met my husband. Also turns out that we are the two most (and only) enthusiastic members of the family when it comes to photography. It is he who captured my food at Diwali in a picture that is now the background image for Finally, thanks to him,  I have a DSLR camera (Nikon D200) which is what I have been taking images with recently (since Jan 2014). This camera has brought so much more life and color and clarity to my food.

To my sister

For the icon on the tab. My sister, over the phone, taught me how to draw a mouse with numbers and letters which I was then able to translate into an icon using I love my mouse!

To my fellow bloggers

I have learnt a lot from you guys – be it recipes, photography or tips on how to present a food blog. I am ever grateful to this world-wide community of blog friends and I have made an honest attempt to acknowledge you and place a link to your lovely websites wherever I can.

My icon sources

I would also like to thank ElegantThemes for my social media icons and Clker for my home icon. Finally, thanks to HowToDrawCartoonsOnline I managed to draw my own logo Manu Mouse in Illustrator with some oven mitts and cake icons from

To CJ for my Illuminating Blogger Award

I’ve never been nominated for any award before for this fun hobby of mine. This morning, I woke up to realise that  C.J. of the Food Stories Blog had nominated me for this award. It is indeed very exciting and encouraging to have my first e-award. Thank you to the inventor of this idea – Food stories blog.

What can I say about me that’s interesting – hmm….I skydived when I turned 25. It was a crazy thing to do and I probably wouldn’t do it again but the feeling was exhilarating. If you’ve ever been to New Zealand’s lake Taupo, you will know what I mean. I could see the lake and the 3 great sacred mountains – Tongariro, Ngaruhoe (Mt Doom) and Ruapehu as I tried to catch my breath 15,000 feet above the earth.

My list of 5 nominations are:

Vegetarian ventures:

While Chasing Kids:


Frugal feeding :


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